Product Announcement from Nanjing Shiheng Electronics Co., Ltd.

MF51E833H3953 Developed for Electrical Thermometer-Image

MF51E833H3953 has been large quantity applied in electrical thermometer production. From our customer feedback that such series with steady and pretty good performance, attractive price is the reason they choose us for such long time cooperation.


  • electrical thermometer
  • medical equipment


  • small size light weight;
  • fast response to thermal, high delicacy;
  • high stability and reliability;
  • high precision of resistance,good quality of coherence.

Main Techno-Parameter

Part No.:MF51E833H3953F

Rated Resistance:83kΩ±3%

B30/45: 3953K±1%

Dissipation Coefficient :≥0.7 mW/℃

Thermal Time Constant: ≤3.2s

Rated Power:3.5mW

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