MF59 Glass Shell SMD NTC Thermistor Series

Product Announcement from Nanjing Shiheng Electronics Co., Ltd.

MF59 Glass Shell SMD NTC Thermistor Series-Image


  • Glass encapsulation,capability of operating in the bad environment of high temperature and hign humidity because of the glass encapsulation framework.
  • Hign presicion of temperature testing,good stability and broad range of resistance.
  • Small size,fast response,hign sensitivity.
  • Without leads,convenient for SMT automatic installation.


  • Automatic work facilities(such as lap-top,copycat,printer and so on)
  • Digital equipment(such as mobile phone,PDA and etc.)
  • Rechargeable battery(lithium battery,ni-mh battery)
  • Temperature compensation of loops of instrument,integrated circuit,quartz crystal monofier and thermocouple.


  • The range of resistance under the rated zero power(R25):0.1~1000kΩ
  • The allowable tolerance of B value:±1%,±2%,±3%,±5%,±10%
  • The allowable torelance of R25:±0.5%,±1%,±2%
  • Dissipation factor:model A≤10S(in still air),model B≤5S(in still air)
  • operating temperature range:-55~220 degrees Centigrade
  • Rated power at 25 degrees Centigrade:model A ≤10mW,model B ≤ 5mW