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New Early Algae Detection Improves Water Quality-Image

The first ever instant imaging submersible holographic microsope for measuring quantities of live micro-organisms and particles in municipal and private wastewater and drinking water treatment facilities can now be programmed to provide remote driven early detection of Algae Blooms. This amazing breakthrough enables Water Quality Control Agencies to eliminate harmful blooms before they get out of control.

The key is a newly developed software application that can identify the top 5 species of algae through video recognition as they pass by the underwater microsope. Once an Algae Bloom is detected, information regarding the bloom and algae type is instantly broadcasted to the Water Quality Control Agency. If they respond quickly, the identified bloom can be halted in its tracks, thus protecting the water supply from a serious algae infestation.  


This award-winning microscope can also be used in desktop as well as submersible models for research in the lab or in the field. Driven by a brand new generation of the HoloSuite 2010 software package, this technology is revolutionizing the way research data is collected and is supporting breakthroughs in science and industry.


This current technology not only enhances the depth and breadth of your observations, it also reduces costs and the time it takes to complete research. The microscopes and software consistently receive excellent feedback whether they’re being used for academic or commercial applications, in domestic or international markets.

Key Benefits:

  • Real-time, In-situ observation of particles and micro-organisms in all aquatic environments.
  • Lightweight, portable, robust, easy to deploy, no pumps or tubing.
  • Little maintenance, easy to clean, no fouling.
  • Acquire images as fast as 15 frames per second to capture tracking dynamics of fast moving objects.
  • Hologram image reconstruction in 65 ms (1000 times faster than competitors).
  • Functional from surface to as deep as 6000 meters

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