Product Announcement from NanoAndMore USA Corp.

Visualize Oil Dispered Underwater w/Live Imaging-Image

This revolutionary, one-of-kind liquid submersible inline holographic microscope with its newly patented 3D imaging technology, available from NanoAndMore, USA, now makes it possible to quickly and easily observe and quantify oil droplets, dispersed oil and oil mineral aggregates in water up to a depth of 6 kilometers (verified) and provide sample imaging in real time.

The mini handheld system detects only oil related droplets measured in particles as small as 1um up to 2mm and are counted simultaneously. Detection parameter presets for oil in water are pre-loaded and can be customized for the specific environment.

With older particle counting systems, all particles are counted indiscriminately, providing unnecessary data. This new system simply detects and counts the oil in water and leaves the rest behind.

System Highlights:

  • Image, count & size oil droplets in water exclusively
  • Updated particle counts every 2 seconds in interactive histogram
  • Automatic PPM calculation and volume fractions
  • Anodized Aluminum (2000 mere depth rating)
  • Sizes from 1 um - 2mm
  • No required accessories
  • Small, lightweight & robust
  • System comes ready to deploy (hardware, software & computer)

The system can be used in any type of water: lakes, rivers, marshes, streams, and oceans. It can be used to study surface oil or subsurface oil at great depths. Deployment can be from shore or from small crafts and research vessels. It is low maintenance.

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