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National Bronze & Metals, Inc. (Ohio Foundry) has now revolutionized the continuous

cast bronze & brass industry in North America. Now completed, our new foundry has a

significant amount of additional capacity which will be utilized to manufacture aircraft

industry grades of Aluminum Bronze and a variety of lead-free bronzes plus all the

standard alloys that we have been producing for the past decade. We also cut and

process, rough machine, warehouse, and ship material to our customers from this

location, both nationally and internationally. Materials such as our aircraft grade

bronzes will meet and exceed A.M.S. standards. This brand-new foundry has

revolutionized the continuous cast bronze & brass industry and will set standards which our competitors will find very difficult to follow.

Alloys from Our Foundry

C84400 - Leaded Semi-Red Brass

C92500 - Leaded Tin Bronze

C83600 - Leaded Red Brass

C93200 - High Leaded Tin Bronze / Bearing Bronze

C85500 - Yellow Brass

C93700 - High Leaded Tin Bronze

C85700 - Leaded Yellow Brass

C94100 - High Leaded Tin Bronze

C86200 - Manganese Bronze

C94300 - High Leaded Tin Bronze

C86300 - Manganese Bronze

C95200 - (9A) Aluminum Bronze

C86400 - Manganese Bronze

C95400 - (9C) Aluminum Bronze

C87500 - Silicon Bronze / Silicon Brass

C95500 - (9D) Aluminum Bronze

C87600 - Silicon Bronze / Silicon Brass

C95800 - Nickel Aluminum Bronze

C90200 - Tin Bronze "Lead Free"

C97600 - Dairy Bronze (Nickel Silver)

C90300 - Tin Bronze "Lead Free"

C99300 - XX Minox Metal

C90500 - Tin Bronze "Lead Free"

C99500 - NBM Stem Bronze "Lead Free"

C90700 - Tin Bronze 90 /10 "Lead Free"

AMS 4880 - H.T. Aircraft Bronze

C91100 - High Tin Bronze

AMS 4881 - H.T. Aircraft Bronze

C92200 - Leaded Tin Bronze

** Other Alloys Availabl
** Heat Treated Bronzes Available

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