Linear Bearing/Linear Slide

Product Announcement from Nelson Air, a PI Company

Linear Bearing/Linear Slide-Image

Extended travel air bearings are ideal for high speed, high accuracy, lightly loaded applications. Unlike other long travel air bearings, the bearing slide is supported only on the ends (similar to a gantry) reducing the requirements for expensive precision support surfaces. Inherently frictionless air bearings eliminate heat generation due to friction, reducing "warm-up" time and thermal errors. These bearings are ideal for integration with linear motors and optical encoders for a total "non-contact" positioning package.


  • Travel up to 64" available
  • Accuracy up to 0.0001" over travel
  • Material: hardcoat Aluminum
  • Variety of sizes/load capacities available
  • Slide can be crowned to compensate for deflection due to gravity
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