2 Way Normally Closed & Normally Open valves

Product Announcement from Neptune Research, Inc.

For twenty five years, NResearch Inc. has supplied dedicated service to the analytical chemistry industry. NResearch Inc. manufactures the largest selection of miniature solenoid operated pinch and isolation valves in the industry. Our Two Way Isolation valves are low power consumption products designed for systems requiring a compact, rugged component which has zero dead volume.

The NResearch range of Isolation valves have been developed around two basic principles, one is an efficient and powerful solenoid system, and the other, a patented diaphragm design.

While we feel that our products are superior to any competitive units, we constantly attempt to make our overall pricing the most attractive in our market place. If you are an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), we can assure you that we shall make every effort to maintain our prices through the production life of your equipment making the cost of vital components predictable for years to come.

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Two Way Normally Closed Isolation valves

Two Way Normally Open Isolation valves

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