Economical Alternative to Stainless Steel Fittings

Product Announcement from Neptune Research, Inc.

Fittings and Connectors are ideal for Scientific Applications

Neptune Research's zero dead volume fittings, in chemically inert Kel-F®, are ideal for scientific applications. With no cavities they do not trap media and avoid contamination. Available in a variety of sizes and types, Neptune designed them to eliminate unwanted dead volume created when using standard fittings - and save money

Perfect for scientific instrument & analytical device applications, Neptune Research's zero dead volume barb fittings offer the tremendous benefits of Kel-F®

* Excellent Mechanical Properties

* Low Outgassing

* Chemically Resistant

* Wide Temperature Use Range

They are the ideal and economical alternative to costly stainless steel fittings.

See the range of sizes and look for new larger fittings available soon

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