Product Announcement from Neptune Research, Inc.

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Recession didn't stop us from working hard. Driven by our customers' countless requests, we've engineered our brand new Full Opening Pinch Valve Series. Available in Normally Closed, Normally Open, and extremely energy efficient Latching GreenValve® versions

Achieving a breakthrough in valve engineering Neptune Research has created the Full Opening Pinch Valve Series. Regular pinch valves only open a few thousandths of an inch, significantly reducing flow or obstructing particles. Now flow issues are a thing of the past. If your application requires full opened tubing & free flowing particles, check out our new Full Opening Pinch Valve Series.

Features and Benefits Include:

100% cross-section is available for flow
Absolutely no obstructions when open
Low maintenance
All Silicone wetted parts
Easy tubing replacement Low Power consumption
Durable construction
High cycle life
Fast response time
Small size
Exceptional low weight

To learn more use the links on this page to visit our website - call us at (973) 808-8811 or e mail us - We welcome your inquiries

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