Ultra-Violet / Infrared Flame Detector

Product Announcement from Rosemount Analytical

Ultra-Violet / Infrared Flame Detector-Image

Net Safety's Ultra-violet/Infrared ( UV/IR ) flame detector delivers high performance security with functions and features that set it apart. The flame detection reacts to both UV and IR flame radiation delivering accurate and reliable fire monitoring, yet is immune to arc welding, hot body radiation, lightning or sunlight. Two spectrums of radiation must be recognized and confirmed by precisely tuned sensors for the UV/IR to initiate a fire condition, greatly reducing false alarms while providing critical safety performance to your site and personnel.

Enclosed in a rugged, explosion-proof housing, the Net Safety UV/IR flame detectors use the latest in modular microprocessor and UV/IR sensor technology - delivering accurate and reliable monitoring for hydrocarbon fires. It's capable of stand-alone operation or can be connected to a variety of control devices to create a dependable fire monitoring system. The user can define sensitivity and time delay settings and the built-in testing routines ensure continous operation.

The UV/IR Flame Detector has a extra wide field of view - up to 120 degrees, it has one of the lowest power consumption levels available on the market and a wide voltage range - all of these factors can lower your overall cost of ownership during design, installation and power draw requirements. This can add up to thousands of dollars PER DETECTOR over it's installation.

Net Safety has engineered a superior and affordable, UV/IR flame detector that is simple to operate and maintain while delivering all the security and performance required for high-risk, industrial installations!

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