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Now available from NewAge Industries is coiled FEP fluoropolymer tubing, a natural choice when applications call for the physical performance of fluoropolymer combined with flexibility. The tubing, called Coiltef™, begins as standard, straight-wall, semi-rigid tubing and is heat set into a permanent, retractable coil for nearly unlimited flexibility. Typical uses include chemical transfer, laboratory and medical use, food and beverage lines, pure air and water transfer, robotics, adhesives and solvent delivery, paint spray systems, and many others.

Fluoropolymer tubing materials (FEP, PTFE, and PFA) are often desired because of their unique combination of physical properties. These include:

• Chemical, temperature, and corrosion resistance • Non-stick and non-flammability benefits • Excellent electrical properties • Low gas permeability and chemical inertness

But when supplied as straight-wall tubing, the product's usefulness in many applications is limited. Coiltef addresses this problem. Even in its coiled state, it retains all of FEP's properties. Coiltef handles viscous materials without line clogging, temperatures that are hundreds of degrees below freezing, and a wide variety of chemicals.

NewAge Industries stocks Coiltef™ in five popular sizes from 1/16" to 3/8" tubing I.D. Standard lengths include 12", 24", 48", and 72", although most any length can be manufactured. Injection-molded fittings made from PFA fluoropolymer are also stocked, allowing for a complete fluoropolymer system. Custom options include PFA formulation Coiltef, colored material, other I.D. sizes, and special coil diameters.

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