Product Announcement from New England Small Tube Corporation

BENDING/COILING Tube Bending-Image

BENDING/COILING Tube bending at New England Small Tube can range from performing a simple 90° Elbow to parts with compound bends and multiple planes. Each bend is fabricated by custom fixtures made specific to the outside diameter and radius. This process assures sooth uniform bends with minimum distortion.

We can perform clean, smooth bends in sizes from .375 OD down to a .012 OD. Keep in mind that the wall thickness chosen could play a factor on the performance of the bend. Tubing with a wall too thin or too heavy stands the chance of crimping or collapsing depending on the radius called out. In many cases this can be prevented by keeping your inside bend radius greater than twice the outside diameter.

Tube coiling is performed in much the same manner. The pitch or distance between coils and the outside radius should be specified when designing a coil.

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