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Fiber Optic Infrared Temperature M & C System

Product Announcement from Newport Electronics, Inc.

Fiber Optic Infrared Temperature M & C System-Image

The NEWPORT iR2™ Series is the state-of-the-art instrument for difficult and demanding high temperature (300ºC - 3000ºC) applications. It is ideally suited for measurement and control applications involving metals, glass, semiconductors and more. The iR2 is extremely fast and accurate with a response time of 10 msec and accuracy of 0.2% of full scale. Despite it's extraordinary technological sophistication and performance, the iR2 is also incredibly user friendly and simple to configure. The iR2 is designed and manufactured in the USA to the highest quality standards backed by a 5 year extended warranty.

The iR2 measures temperature using a 2-color ratio technique in which a temperature is computed from the ratio of two different infrared frequencies, unlike a standard infrared thermometer that measures the absolute amount of infrared energy. The 2-color ratio technique is essential for accurate measurements in many common applications: when the target is obscured by smoke or steam, when the target is viewed through a window or screen that reduces energy, or when the emissivity of the target is unknown or changes. Unlike a standard infrared thermometer that determines an average temperature for everything within its field of view, the iR2 does not require that the target completely fill the lens field of view as long as the temperature of the target is higher than the background or material in the foreground. This capability allows the iR2 lens to be installed farther from the target, or outside a window or screen as well as more accurately measure temperatures of small and moving targets. The iR2 can also be switched to one-color operation if required.

The iR2 is available in two practical packages: The iR2C model is an extremely rugged cast aluminum enclosure (with NEMA 4 rating) that can be mounted on any surface and is powered by 20-36 Vdc or 24 Vac. The iR2P model is a 1/8 DIN panel mount package with a NEMA 4 front bezel for rack or cabinet mounting with other instrumentation, and runs on 90-240 Vac or 110-375 Vdc power.

The iR2 is much more than the typical infrared transmitter. It is a complete autotune PID TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER in a single extremely compact enclosure (an important, unique feature). The iR2 features a totally programmable analog output that can be programmed within a range of 0-10 Vdc or 0-20mA. The analog output is selectable as either a control output or as a calibrated retransmission of the temperature. The iR2 also offers a choice of two Form C (SPDT) Relays or Solid State Relays for controlling or alarms. The control functions feature the full suite of capabilities from simple on-off to full Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) control. Instead of connecting a simple infrared transmitter to a separate temperature controller, the iR2 can do it all. The iR2 can control a process with simple ON-OFF control through full Autotune PID control, and everything in between.The dual control outputs can be configured for a variety of independent control and alarm applications such as heat/heat, heat/cool, heat/alarm, and more. The ramp-to-setpoint feature allows the user to define the rate of rise to setpoint, minimizing thermal shock to the load during start-up.

The iR2 features a big bright LED dual display. The smaller numbers display the set points or alarm points. The larger numbers (a full 21mm, .83" high) display the measured temperature. The display can be programmed to change color between green, amber and red at any set point or alarm point and the change in color is quickly seen from a distance.

The iR2 comes complete with a compact NEMA 4 lens and a flexible fiber optic cable assembly. With the iR2 it's possible to measure the temperature of targets that would simply not be visible with conventional instruments. The fiber optic cable and lens allows the instrument electronics to be kept away from the target environment where it would be subjected to higher temperatures, smoke, dust, steam or powerful electromagnetic emissions such as generated by induction heating. Both the stainless steel lens and rugged cable assembly can be replaced in the field without returning the instrument for calibration (a unique feature). The lens can operate in ambient temperatures up to 200º C without external cooling. The variable focus lens can focus on targets from any distance between 200 millimeters (8 inches) to more than 4 meters (14 feet). The 25:1 field of view is ideal for most applications. NEWPORT also offers a wide selection of compatible application-specific lens assemblies and fiber optic probes developed during three decades of experience servicing the most demanding infrared temperature applications.

The iR2 features a built-in laser that shows the operator precisely what the lens is seeing (a unique feature).

This innovative laser illuminates the precise spot on the target that the lens is viewing, and allows the operator to focus on the target with absolute precision.

The laser can be turned on to sight the target and off to make a measurement with the simple push button on the front panel, or remotely via network or serial communications. The cable and lens do not have to be disconnected and connected to a separate apparatus to provide a conventional or laser light for sighting.

Optional Probe Types
L1 Lens Probe
L2 Ceramic/Metal Tip
L3 Polymer Bolt
L4 Ejector Pin Probe
Custom application-specific lens assemblies and fiber optic probes. Please note that the custom fiber optic assemblies are not field replaceable