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iSeries meter (i3200) and controller

Product Announcement from Newport Electronics, Inc.

iSeries meter (i3200) and controller -Image

The NEWPORT® i32 is the iSeries meter (i3200) and controller (i32) in the extremely compact and increasingly popular 1/32 DIN size. The i32 is the most sophisticated and accurate instrument available in the small 1/32 DIN package, yet is still easy to configure.

The i32 introduces a number of unique features not yet found on any other 1/32 DIN instrument. The i32 is the first 1/32 DIN controller with a totally programmable display that can change color at any set point or alarm point. The unique 9-segment LED characters greatly improves alphanumeric representations.

The i32 handles more thermocouple, RTD, process voltage and current inputs than any other 1/32 DIN controller. The i32 is the first 1/32 DIN controller with built-in excitation for transmitters or other devices, 24 Vdc @ 25mA.

The i32 is the first 1/32 DIN controller offering 2 SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw) Form C relays, instead of the single throw relays on typical 1/32 DIN controllers. The i32 is the first to offer both RS-232 and RS-422/485 serial communications in one instrument (-C24 option). Both ASCII protocol and modbus protocol are selectable from the menu.

The "iServer" is a DIN rail mounted device which can be a hub connecting up to 32 instruments to the Ethernet and Internet. The "iServer" is both a Web Server and an Ethernet-Serial bridge. To connect to the iServer, iSeries devices must feature the "-C24" Serial Communications option.

iSeries FAMILY
The NEWPORT® iSeries is a family of microprocessor-based instruments offered in three DIN sizes with NEMA-4, IP65 rated front bezels. All of the instruments share the same set-up and configuration menu and method of operation, a tremendous time saver for integration of a large system.

The iSeries displays feature unique 9-segment LED characters which greatly improves alphanumeric representations. The 7-segment LED characters found on most instruments are adequate for presenting numbers, but not letters. Words are easier to read with the unique 9-segment LED characters on the iSeries, which makes operating and programming simpler and easier.