Free Grounding and Bonding Applications Handbook

Product Announcement from Newson Gale Inc.

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Register now for your FREE copy of the updated Newson Gale Grounding and Bonding applications handbook, a practical guide to static electricity control in hazardous areas.

The Handbook is a practical guide for engineers and plant managers to control the hazards associated with uncontrolled discharges of static electricity within flammable and explosive atmospheres.

The Handbook contains clear and concise illustrations of solutions to a wide range of electrostatic hazards ranging from the grounding of drums and IBCs to the static grounding and interlocking of road tankers.

Static grounding and bonding solutions are supported by relevant quotes from NFPA 77 and Cenelec CLC/TR 50504, the internationally recognised standards that recommend Best Practice for static control, ensuring that Best Practice compliance can be demonstrated by the solutions recommended in the Handbook.

Additional helpful information on hazardous area zoning, the range of gases and dusts that can be ignited by electrostatic charges and static safety checklists are available for reference within the Handbook.

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