Product Announcement from NexTek, Inc.

No Maintenance DC Pass Surge Protection-Image

NexTek, Inc., a leading designer of best-in-class lightning protection and EMC / power conditioning products and services, announces the availability of a revolutionary coaxial DC pass, high RF, SurgeGuard™ power surge arrestor. Designed for Telecom applications with 7/16DIN connectors, this new surge arrestor family provides excellent RF performance specifications and represents a significant advance in power surge technology. As a result of patent pending design improvements, this device exhibits over fifty times the industry-standard life expectancy when exposed to a transient current of 30kA, yet requires no gas-tube maintenance.

The maintenance free PGT7F series is rugged and waterproof. It is designed to operate at frequencies ranging from 0.82-2.2GHz. It is characterized by bi-directional protection, low VSWR ranging from 1.05:1 typical to 1.15:1 maximum, high RF power, low PIM, and DC pass capability.

The SurgeGuard™ PGT 7F series of lightning arrestors is available in various polarity configurations. For more information or a datasheet with complete product specifications, visit

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