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Explosion-Proof Immersion Separators

Product Announcement from Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums

Explosion-Proof Immersion Separators-Image

Nilfisk's immersion separators for explosive dusts are built to the same high standards associated with the Nilfisk explosion-proof/dust ignition proof vacuum line. Collect and render inert Group E metal dusts, such as aluminum, magnesium and other commercial alloys, in a water or oil bath.*

  • Complies with NFPA 484 for safe collection of metal dusts
  • As part of Nilfisk's NRTL-certified Class II, Group E industrial vacuums or combustible dust safe pneumatic vacuums, the all-in-one design is easy to use and saves space in your work area
  • CSA-certified for Class I, Group D and Class II, Groups E, F and G as part of Nilfisk VHT437EXP and VHT456EXP vacuums
  • Constructed of low-sparking 304 stainless steel
  • Optimal dust capacity to keep weight managable and ensure operator safety

Nilfisk's integrated immersion separator sold with or available as retrofit to Nilfisk models: VHT437EXP or VHT456EXP and VHC200EXP.

Nilfisk's stand-alone immersion separator option is offered for use with other Nilfisk EXP models. 

Collection of commercial alloys is subject to individual approval by our application engineer. *A light mineral oil is recommended.