Rare Earth Alloys

Product Announcement from Nippon Yttrium Co., Ltd.

Rare Earth Alloys-Image

Rare earth alloys cultivate a new applicable field mixture of metal.

Nippon Yttrium Co., Ltd.'s rare earth alloys offer various products, such as Sm-Co system, RE-RE system, RE-changes metal system, and a simple substance metal, and alloy powder, and an ingot.

We offer the rare earth material synthetically so that the customer can choose the most effective materials according to magnetic and process kinds.

We product the dissolving method Sm2Co17 system alloy by the Sm-Co system, especially obtaining high praise from customers for our sudden cold Sm2Co17 system with alloy water-cooled mold.


  • Portable cassette stereo
  • Camera
  • Printer
  • Compact disc
  • Medical apparatus