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HyTec Oil Cooler™

Product Announcement from Noren Products, Inc.

HyTec Oil Cooler™-Image

Introduced in 1995 and now installed throughout Continental US and Hawaii, HyTec Oil Coolers TM are 100% successful, meeting and exceeding all projected cooling predictions. HyTec Oil CoolersTM are used in systems made by every major hydraulic elevator manufacturer. Noren HyTec Oil CoolersTM have been installed in systems in parking garages, hotels, office buildings, casinos, department stores, government building, shopping malls, medical buildings, universities and a variety of other locations.

Noren HyTec Oil CoolersTM have been successfuly tailored for hydraulic elevators, solving a variety of symptoms related to the overheating oil.

Our solutions are:


How Do They Work?

HyTec Coolers use Heat Pipe Technology. Heat pipes move heat about 1000 timesfaster than solid copper, and have no moving parts. Noren heat pipes last 30 years with no maintenance or degradation in performance. Aluminum fins are attached to up to 12 individual 5/8" heat pipes, creating a matrix structure resembling a 'radiator.' These structures are called cores. They measure 2" thick by 7½" wide and range in length from 44" to 53". HyTec cores are inserted directly into the reservoir, and held in place by a metal enclosure. As hot oil from the return line flows into the reservoir, it is captured, and passes through the cores. This enables the heat pipes to 'extract' heat from the oil and transport it to the 'top' of the core - above the tank. Common fans are mounted atop the cores and draw ambient air through the heat pipe/fin matrix to remove heat from the system.

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