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Balanced Impedance Adaptor

Product Announcement from North Hills Signal Processing Corporation

Balanced Impedance Adaptor -Image

To facilitate high-accuracy impedance measurements, inputs to Impedance Analyzers and LCR Meters are configured as four-terminal Kelvin connections – two pairs of current and potential terminals. These are usually unbalanced, i.e. one side grounded.

To measure balanced impedances requires a balanced to unbalanced converter, usually a balun transformer.

The NH16552 includes a balun transformer and features four terminals on the unbalanced side to conveniently interface with the measuring instrument.

The impedance levels are 50? balanced to 50? unbalanced. A 50? impedance standard and a shorting plate are provided for calibration purposes. The frequency range is 100Hz to 10MHz.

The NH16552 is equivalent to the Agilent 16314A. Please refer to Agilent Application Note AN 346-2.


  • Four BNC output connectors for Kelvin connection
  • Frequency range 100Hz to 10MHz
  • 50Ω impedance standard and shorting plate for calibration.



  • High-accuracy balanced impedance measurements.
  • Easy interface with 50? impedance analyzers or LCR meters
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