Product Announcement from North Hills Signal Processing Corp.

Video Isolation Transformers - -Image

Video Isolation Transformers - "TV Humbuckers"

Humbuckers are common mode chokes that offer high impedance to common mode currents to ground, while being ideally transparent to line to line signals.

Unlike North Hills "Humstoppers", they have a limitation on the 60 Hz common mode signal that can be handled. Also the degree of isolation at 60 Hz is of the order of 40-50dB compared to 120dB for Humstoppers.


  • Flat response down to dc
  • Ultra-wide bandwidth



  • Unbalanced to unbalanced transformers for isolation of coaxial systems
  • Excellent differential gain and phase


*North Hills Application Note 153 - "Ground Isolation in Video Transmission" provides further information on the subject of video isolation transformers.

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