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Video Isolation Transformers -

Product Announcement from North Hills Signal Processing Corporation

Video Isolation Transformers - -Image

Video Isolation Transformer - "Humstoppers"

This series of transformers eliminates spurious voltages caused by the flow of undesired currentsbetween the LO sides of the source and a remote load. They are particularly useful in video and data transmission systems where ground currents cause interference and picture quality problems. The transformers are supplied with input and output connectors insulated from ground and as well as each other.

If your video, data or RF transmission is plagued by humbars or other video problems, do what Broadcast, Telecommunications and CCTV Engineers have been doing successfully for over fifty years: Install North Hills' Isolation Transformers!

North Hills' "Humstoppers" provide quick, cost-effective solutions to interference due to differences in ground potential or induced common-mode noise.


  • Insulated BNC connectors
  • Flat frequency and linear phase response
  • 120 dB isolation at power frequencies
  • 500 Vrms withstanding voltage, winding to winding and each winding to case



  • Eliminates picture quality problems easily and efficiently
  • Fully sealed enclosure
  • Easy to install


North Hills Application Note 153 - "Ground Isolation in Video Transmission" and Application Note 157 "Ground Isolation when the Video Feed has a DC Component" provide further information on the subject of video isolation transformers.

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