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Electronic Indicating Pressure Transmitter/Switch (800/810 Series)

  • Provides continuous pressure monitoring, allows programming of set points without applying pressure
  • 800 Series: stainless steel; 810 Series: black anodized aluminum
  • Standard ranges from -14.5 psi to 9,999 psi
  • 3 switching output options available: 2 switching outputs; 1 switching output and 1 analog output (4-20mA or 0-10V); or 2 switching outputs and 1 analog output (4...20mA)
  • Simple 2-key programming for set points, contact functions (N.O./N.C.), reset points, contact types (NPN/PNP) and switching function (hysteresis/gate)
  • 330° rotatable display head

Smart Switch (600 Series)

  • Measuring ranges from 5 psi through 15,000 psi including vacuum, compound & absolute
  • Corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel welded construction
  • Single or dual switch set point functions of either PNP (positive) or NPN (negative) output
  • High overpressure protection
  • Highly resistant to mechanical shock and vibration
  • Proven sputtered thin film and diffused semi-conductor technology provides unparalleled accuracy, stability, and service life
  • Digital switching through internal signal conditioner - set points and hysteresis are fully
    adjustable and tamperproof

Mag Switch (500 Series)

  • Ranges available from -30 inHg vacuum through 15,000 psi
  • Semi-conductor switching relays (no mechanical contacts)
  • Proven diaphragm pressure sensing technology, Hall Effect magnetic field sensing
    technology & semi-conductor switching technology
  • Switch points are field adjustable with a range of 10-100% of full scale value
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