Linear Non-Contacting Position Sensors

Product Announcement from Novotechnik U.S., Inc.

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Novotechnik manufactures magnetostrictive, inductive and capacitive coupled non-contacting sensor products. NOVOSTRICTIVE™ and PSP™ technologies provide unique advantages for control, regulation and linear position measurement applications. All position sensors in this section are non-contact.

NOVOSTRICTIVE is Novotechnik's newest magnetostrictive technology and uses a passive position marker, which is free-floating. When the marker is moved in a free-floating non-contact position sensing arrangement, wear-free operation provides unlimited mechanical life expectancy and unlimited traverse speed. NOVOSTRICTIVE provides more advantages over other manufacturer's magnetostrictive techniques that are unique to Novotechnik position sensors. Learn about this new industry leading technology at the TLM story.

INDRES Non-Contacting Linear Technology. This measuring technology called "Indres" (inductive-resistive) is insensitive to vibrations, and it is not affected by static magnetic fields or dynamic and static electric fields. Its good EMC properties exclude interference. The linearity values, depending on the design, are up to ±0.1% without linearization, and the resolution reaches 16 bit. The ambient temperature may be between -40 and 150 °C.

The Novotechnik family of Non-Contacting Position Sensors includes:

  • TLM Series - Magnetostrictive sensors for linear applications
  • TLI Series - Non-Contacting Potentiometers for hydraulic applications
  • FTI Series - Inductive Sensors for short stroke position measurement
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