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Multiturn White Paper

Product Announcement from Novotechnik U.S., Inc.

Multiturn White Paper-Image

Many applications require rotation counters that can measure angles greater than 360º. However the low-cost 10-turn potentiometers most design engineers are familiar with can't always meet user requirements for resolution and reliability.As an alternative, optical absolute encoders are too expensive for many applications. These solutions require a continuous power supply or they will lose count when power is restored. Also, geared technology/rotation counters are subject to significant wear.

Novotechnik's new 2800 Series multi-turn rotary sensors address this unfilled customer need. These are the first rotation counters to be based on Novotechnik's patented novoturn™ technology- built on an enhanced giant magnetic resistance effect. They provide substantial cost savings compared to optical encoders, maintain reliability and accuracy, plus they offer additional useful features.

Developing New Technology

Magnetoresistance is a phenomenon in quantum mechanics that occurs in thinfilm structures when two ferromagnetic layers are separated by a thin nonmagneticfilm. It is a technology used in hard disk drives. When the twomagnetic layers are parallel, resistance drops to a minimal value. As themagnetic layers are turned so they are no longer in parallel alignment, electricalresistance increases. This increase can be used to measure absolute position valves, e.g. full rotations.