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Application: Pitch regulation in wind turbines
Product: TLI

The microprocessor controlled pitch regulation ensures continuous and optimal adjustment of the angles of the blades in relation to the prevailing wind.
The pitch mechanism is fitted in the blade hub and contains a separate hydraulic pitch cylinder for each blade. These separate cylinders also ensure triple braking safety, because one feathered blade is sufficient to stop the turbine.

The adjustment procedure takes place every second.The position of the cylinder rod is being monitored by a linear non contacting absolute sensor which is integrated in the hydraulic cylinder.

Wherever industrial machinery operates within an accuracy of microns, you'll find Novotechnik at work. Novotechnik position sensors enable bullet trains to smoothly round curves at high speed, and fly- and drive- by-wire for jets and cars respectively. They are used to maintain constant speed in packaging machines and for precise positioning of injection pins and dosing cylinders in injection molding machines. You'll find them in mobile and medical equipment, in machine tools, in laboratories – in any application where accuracy, repeatability and reliability are paramount.

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