Rotary Potentiometers

Product Announcement from Novotechnik U.S., Inc.

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Novotechnik's family of rotary potentiometer products feature outstanding linearity, high tolerance to environmental extremes, and long lifetimes - typically 100 million operations.

Built with conductive plastic resistance tracks and multi-fingered elastomer-damped precious metal wipers, Novotechnik rotary potentiometers deliver 360° mechanical rotation, speeds to 10,000 rpm, accelerations to 50,000 rad/s/s, linearity to 0.02% and resolution better than 0.01°.

In addition to standard designs, Novotechnik offers Low-Torque, Industrialized, Sensor and Geared Potentiometers as well as making potentiometer elements with wipers available for incorporation into customer devices as integral potentiometers. Angle tranducers are also featured.

The Novotechnik family of rotary potetntiometers includes:

P Series - Servo mount sizes 9, 11, 13 and 20 are standard

IP & IPS - Industrialized for harsh environments - Sealed to IP 65

AW & AWS - Industrial grade potentiometers with 360° output

SP 2800 - Sealed units with 100, 130, 308 and 340° outputs

GP & IGP Series - Geared potentiometers for harsh environments with backlash-free gearing for 3, 5 or 10 turns

PD 2300 Series - multi-turn potentiometers

GL & WAL Series - Hollow shaft angle transducers

ML Series - 6 to 100 multi-turn potentiometers

PL 300 - Bushing mount

PL 310 - Servo mount

PC & PD - Panel mount/Wirewound

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