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Novotechnik's Vert-X E Series touchless magnetic angle sensors feature a permanent magnet that is secured to the rotating object (usually a shaft) by the customer, so that there is no direct mechanical linkage between the shaft and the measuring system, and therefore, no wear.

The touchless angel sensors are especially useful in applications in harsh environments, where physical contact between the rotary sensor and the object is not possible. Vert-X E sensors are absolute sensors, so they retain their values even after power interruptions.

These sensors feature compact designs that seal to the IP69. The measurement angle is factory programmable. In comparison with optical encoders, Vert-X E Series rotary sensors are significantly less susceptible to external influences, such as shock, vibration, dust or fluids.

Data Sheets:

Vert-X 13E 5V

Vert-X 22E 5V

Vert-X 31E 5V

Vert-X 27E 5V

Vert-X 22E 24V

Vert-X 27E 24V

Vert-X 31E 24V

Vert-X 37E 5V

Vert-X 37E 24V

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