ODU Watertight Connectors

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ODU MINI-SNAP - Series K (IP68)

LP-Locking Concept Keying with Pin and Groove

  • Watertight, IP68 options
  • Shell size 0 to size 4
  • Up to 40 contacts per connector
  • Pin and groove keying with many keying options
  • Choice of several plug and receptacle styles
  • Power, signal, or high-voltage contacts
  • Heavy-duty metal housings, matte or black chromate finish
  • PEEK insulation bodies for autoclaving standard
  • Temperature range - PUR version -40ºC up to +80 ºC
    (Short-term up to +120 ºC)
  • Temperature range - Silicone version -50 ºC up to +200 ºC
    (Short-term up to +230 ºC)
  • Custom versions available
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