Modular Connector for 100,000+ mating cycles

Product Announcement from ODU-USA

Modular Connector for 100,000+ mating cycles-Image

ODU MAC - S, L and M Frames

This version of the ODU MAC is used in rack-and-panel, test bed harnesses, blind mating, and many other applications. This design is often used in automated test equipment.

Key Features

  • 100,000+  mating cycles
  • Flexible modular design
  • High contact density - small foot print
  • Mixed contacts - signal, power, coax, fiber optic and air
  • High contact reliability with low contact resistance

Contact Features

  • Signal and high voltage contacts ranging from AWG 4 to 28 and PCB
  • High current contacts up to 100A available
  • 50 and 75 Ohm coax contacts
  • Single, multi-mode and plastic fiber optic accommodation
  • Pneumatic couplings with and without shut-off valves , air pressure to 290 psi, water pressure to 20 psi

Housing and Frame Features

  • S frame for Axial Float +/- .1mm, Radial Float +/- .6mm
  • L frame for Axial Float +/- .4mm, Radial Float +/- 1.2mm
  • M frame for customer designed housings
  • Multi-pin, blind-mate guiding system
  • 4 unit to 60 unit frames available

This version has been used successfully all over the world for testing of mass-produced products. Generally, the male ODU MAC (plug) has all the pin contacts.

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