Metcal Dual Simultaneous Soldering System

Product Announcement from Metcal / OK International, Inc.

Metcal Dual Simultaneous Soldering System-Image

The MFR-2200 Series Soldering and Rework Systems provide a high power, flexible solution for production soldering, touch-up soldering and SMD rework. SmartHeat® responds to the load, delivering the energy required for each connection, while protecting sensitive components and substrates from damage. With SmartHeat® Technology, users are assured of highly responsive and controlled heating.

The MFR-2200 series features dual output capability which allows the user to select operation of one hand-piece or two hand-pieces simultaneously. One or two hand-piece operation is easily chosen via a front panel switch. Most importantly, the MFR-2200 contains two separate power supplies. This means that full power is available for each hand-piece that is in use.

Multiple Hand-pieces Increases Flexibility

The MFR-2200 Series has three hand-pieces that can be used with the system. The MFR-H1-SC2 Cartridge Hand-piece offers a comprehensive range of soldering and rework cartridges, similar to our popular Metcal range, that provide fine-access soldering tips, SMD rework tips and pad clean-up blade tips.

A hand-piece for production soldering, MFR-H2-ST2, features high power and tips designed for production soldering environments.

A third option for the system is the MFR-H4-TW Precision Tweezers Hand-piece. This hand-piece is ideal for SMD removal of 0201 resistors to 28 mm long SOIC.