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High Accuracy PressureTransducers PX409 Series-Image

The piezoresistive process uses strain gages molecularly embedded into a highly stable silicon wafer. The silicon wafer is diced into individual die which each contain a full strain gage bridge. The die is mounted in a sealed chamber protected from the environment by glass to metal seals and a stainless steel diaphragm.

A small volume of silicone oil transfers the pressure from the diaphragm to the strain bridge. The construction provides a very rugged transducer with exceptional accuracy, stability and thermal effects. A unique design ruggedizes the transducers by providing secondary fluid containment in the event of a diaphragm rupture.

At our state-of-the-art facilities, automated test equipment performs pressure and temperature cycling on 100% of the PX409 transducers. The transducers are then calibrated using extremely high accuracy equipment and a 5-point

NIST traceable calibration certificate is included with each transducer. The inherent stability of the piezoresistive core provides excellent long term stability, repeatability and very low thermal effects at the price of much lower performance transducers. Standard features of the PX409 Series also include protective features built into the electronics and the pressure element. Reverse polarity, EMC, and power supply fluctuation protection are standard on all models. Intrinsically Safe and CSA ratings are optional.

The most popular ranges and configurations are stocked for immediate delivery. High Standard Accuracy 0.08% BSL included Linearity, Repeatability and Hysteresis. All others typically have very short lead-time. 5-Point NIST Traceable Calibration Included with All Models. Now NEW! Now High Accuracy Options 0.05% Accuracy Option, add Suffix "-EH" and 0.03% Linearity Option, add Suffix "-XL".

If you still can't find the right model Omega's step-by-step configurator Allows you to specify the perfect transducer for your application!

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