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Overload Protection and the Lever Hoist

Product Announcement from OZ Lifting Products LLC

Overload Protection and the Lever Hoist-Image

You know what a CHEATER BAR is? That's a pipe, bar, or any object that will fit over the end of a handle on a lever hoist. Why would you use one? The worker cannot physically move the handle under his own power anymore so he finds any device he can to give him more leverage, this allows him to lift an object past the rated load on a hoist. Is this done? ALL THE TIME!! What can happen? Hooks break, chain elongates, handle snaps and whatever is being lifted comes crashing down, and in many circumstances the user is injured. Looks like a lawsuit, time off, damaged goods and a junk hoist, just to name a few.

Welcome to the OZ hoist with STANDARD OVERLOAD PROTECTION, the OZ hoist is designed so that once the hoist goes into overload you can apply any tool or device you can find to the handle and it won't lift anymore weight. Since the OZ hoist transitions into overload at around 40% over the rated capacity it gives the user plenty of extra weight he /she can lift before transitioning into the overload safety feature. With rising insurance rates and lawsuits becoming more prevalent in today's society and prices of equipment on the rise, the OZ hoist makes a SAFE AND SOUND INVESTMENT, at an affordable price. At OZ lifting products customer safety and hoist durability is what is making us one of the fastest growing hoist companies in the U.S. Take the worry out of your lifting jobs and discover the safety feature of OVERLOAD PROTECTION.

Got safety??

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We Protect our distributors!

Watch this YouTube video of what can happen without overload protection: blue lever hoist accident

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