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FaradFlex® MC25ST, Buried Capacitance

Product Announcement from Oak-Mitsui, Inc.

FaradFlex® MC25ST, Buried Capacitance-Image

Oak-Mitsui Technologies has developed a new material that can be incorporated into organic IC packages and wireless modules that operate at higher frequencies to replace discrete SMT capacitors.

FaradFlex® MC25ST has a Capacitance Density of 6 pF/mm² and a loss tangent of 0.009 up to 10 GHz.

Buried Capacitance utilizes the technology of putting a capacitor plane inside the PCB to reduce the overall impedance of the power distribution system as well as free up surface real estate and improve system reliability by eliminating some discrete capacitors.

We have the largest selection of products as well as the thinest products with the highest capacitance density - unmatched by any company!

Please contact us for more information at:

Advanced Technology Products including FaradFlex

John Andresakis at (518) 686-8088 or Bob Carter (503) 313-1905

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Oak-Mitsui has developed a novel thin substrate, FaradFlex®, which is the next generation of Buried Capacitance material.


Oak-Mitsui was incorporated in 1976 as a joint venture between Oak-Industries, Mitsui Mining and Smelting of Japan, and Anaconda. It was one of only three major companies in the US manufacturing ultra-thin copper foil for use in the printed circuit industry. The original process was developed by Anaconda in the United States and then perfected by Mitsui in Ageo, Japan.

The Hoosick Falls based company first began copper foil production in 1977 and within one year expanded to double its capacity. In May 1986, Allied Signal acquired Oak Materials Group which Oak-Mitsui was a part. It then became a joint venture between Allied Signal and Mitsui Mining and Smelting of Japan.

The new company opened more opportunity for Oak-Mitsui and planning began in 1988 to construct another facility. The plan was approved and the Camden, South Carolina facility came on-line in January 1992. The California warehouse was added in 1994 to supply West Coast customers.

In 1999, Oak-Mitsui acquired the technology for ultrasonically bonding copper foil to thin aluminum separator sheets. This technology was used to start the lamination products division ABC, Aluminum Bonded Copper. Over the past several years, this business has grown to be a leader in the supply of outer layer copper foil to the printed circuit board industry in the US and Asia.

In 2000 Oak-Mitsui became a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsui Kinzoku, the World leader in Electrodeposited Copper foil.

In 2003, Mitsui Kinzoku announced the creation of Oak-Mitsui Technologies. This new company was organized to investigate and develop new processes and products for the electronics industry. Development efforts here are an extension of ongoing R & D initiatives at Mitsui Kinzoku's Central Laboratories in Ageo, Japan.

In 2004, Mitsui Kinzoku announced the expansion of Oak-Mitsui Technologies R & D activities to include the development of new base foils for the global electronics industry. Development efforts continue in the previously idled Hoosick Falls facility since it's re-commissioning in April 2005. Hoosick Falls is the Headquarters of Oak-Mitsui Technologies and is also the manufacturing site of the FaradFlex® line of Buried Capacitance™ products.

In 2006 the Headquarters for Oak-Mitsui, Inc. was moved to the Camden, S.C. facility.

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