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BB-04SR IBPS Base Battery Management Module

Product Announcement from OceanServer Technology, Inc.

BB-04SR IBPS Base Battery Management Module-Image

The BB-04SR Base Battery Management Module is microprocessor controlled and will manage between 1 to 4 Lithium Ion Smart Battery Packs. It incorporates an integrated "smart" level 3 charger and all required multiplexing to allow all four packs to be charged and discharged simultaneously. The BB-04S is the ideal battery system for a range of systems and devices needing between 95-380 Watt hours of power. Extend the range of your product by quickly adding a safe, reliable Li-Ion battery system.

The module provides unregulated DC power (RAW battery voltage) output @ 11-18VDC to the DC-DC Converter or to the system. There are a complete family of DC-DC converters (examples: DC2U-1V and DC123SR) that optionally turn the RAW battery voltage (syspower) into regulated DC levels. These include, 3.3V, 5V, 12V, 19V, 24V, 28V, 48V, -12V and others in design.

The base module supports charging the batteries at a maximum rate of eight Amps of charge current.

When a charge voltage is supplied using the 18V (AC Adapter or other DC power source) the module will source the load using the charge voltage and will start charging the battery packs if required. The power switchover happens in 10us and won't effect the operation of the electronics, (ie. hot plug of charge voltage).

Module size is 2.917" x 3.583"

The Battery Monitoring Windows (TM) Utility and soft copy of the documentation is included on a CD.

OceanServer offers the Small Outline Base Battery Management Module and a variety of batteries, cable assemblies and accessories to complete an OEM implementation of the IBPS.

RoHS Compliant Ordering Part Numbers:

BB-04SR Small Size: 2.917" x 3.583"

BB-04FR PC104 Size: 3.6" x 3.8"

OceanServer also offers both 3D Models and Mechanical Drawings.

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