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BBDC-02R Combined OEM Charger & ATX Supply

Product Announcement from OceanServer Technology, Inc.

BBDC-02R Combined OEM Charger & ATX Supply-Image

Battery Management Module with integrated smart battery chargers and ATX power supply function. Supports two OceanServer BA95 Lithium Ion rechargeable smart packs for up to 190 Watt-hours of battery power. The ATX power supply electronics are ultra efficient and supply 12V @ 7Amps; 5V & 3.3V @ 10 Amps; -12V @ 0.3A with efficiencies up to 98%.

The Output power is supplied via an ATX power supply connector. The module can be passively cooled in most cases, due to the low losses.

Battery charging is automatic when an 18V power source is supplied. The battery charge time is about 2 hours if a single battery is attached, and 3.5 hours if two BA95 battery packs are attached. Individual packs are under the DOT CLASS 9 shipping limits to make shipping simple for volume OEM product.

The module provides an RS-232 host connection for monitoring the fuel gauge and battery status. "Minibats" Windows(TM) software is provided with the module. This software will let users monitor the power and battery status, perform warnings and orderly system shutdowns when the batteries reach the end of their discharge cycle.

This module is ideal for powering embedded computers, robotics, electronics, and instruments.

Engineers can visit for critical design information: User guides, 3D Models and Mechanical drawings.

First time users should consider looking at the EK-03 evaluation kit. This kit includes the BBDC-02R board along with cables, software and other items. Kit Website Link:

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