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Make any device battery powered... The EK-03 includes the BBDC-02R, Dual Battery Controller with ATX Power Supply. The BBDC-02R supports two 95 Watt-hour Lithium Ion Rechargeable Smart battery packs (sold separately) for up to 190 Watt-hours of battery power. The ATX power supply electronics are ultra efficient and supply 12V @7Amps; 5V and 3.3V @10Amps; -12V @ 0.3A with efficiencies up to 98%. This system allows you to make your system or electronics operate like a notebook computer, plug-in, it charges and runs, unplug and you're battery powered. Software is provided for Windows (tm) that lets you monitor the power status when on batteries, like a notebook.

The kit also contains a Power Supply, DC In Jumper Cable, Serial Port Conversion and Extension Cables, Regulated Power Cable (ATX & Disk), Momentary On/Off Switch Cable and User CD.

Engineers can visit for critical design information: User guides, 3D Models and Mechanical drawings.

Note: The EK-03 Evaluation Kit does not include battery packs. Please order 1 to 2 packs to complete the kit.

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