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The OS5000-T is an extremely small form factor (1" x 1"), 3-Axis, tilt compensated digital compass. The compass is connected via TTL only. The OS5000-T provides precise heading, roll and pitch data ideal for rapid attitude measurement. The OS5000-T offers an easy to use ASCII interface, hard and soft iron compensation and simple data configuration for your application.


> Ultra Low Cost Design

> Tiny size, 1" x 1"x 0.3"; weighs less than 2 grams weight

> Precision compass accuracy, 0.5 deg RMS Level Heading, 1° Typical RMS accuracy < ± 30°, 1.5° < ±60°, .1 Degree Resolution

> Roll & Pitch full rotation

> Typical 1° accuracy < ± 30° tilt

> Tilt-compensated (electronically gimbaled)

> Low power consumption, <30ma @3.3V

> Hard and soft-iron compensation routines

> Serial Interface: TTL

> 50 MIPS processor supporting IEEE floating point math

> Baud rate programmable: 4,800 to 115,000 baud

> Rugged design (10,000 G shock survival)

> Operating temperature: -20C to 70C (Specified Accuracy for 0C to 50C)

> ASCII sentence output in several formats; NMEA checksum

> Data update rate up to 40HZ

> Support for True or Magnetic North output

> Precision components:

3 Axis magnetic sensors from Honeywell

3 Axis accelerometers from ST Microelectronics

24 bit differential Analog to Digital converters from Analog Devices

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