Leybold Pump Repair for all Brands

Service Detail from Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum USA Inc.

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Export, PA, February 2005 - Leybold Vacuum USA is now servicing all brands of vacuum pumps including Aerzen, Alcatel, Anest-Iwata, Balzers, Busch, CTI, Dresser Roots, Ebara, Edwards, Kinney/Tuthill, Pfeiffer-Balzers, Stokes, Varian, and Welch. Our regular repair consists of: 1) Disassembly and removal of toxic materials; 2) Safe disposal of materials, in accordance with state and federal regulations; 3) Cleaning and inspection of work surfaces; 4) Replacement of consumable parts, elastomers, filters and other basic wear items; and 5) Rebuilding, testing and re-labeling. "Repairing all brands of vacuum pumps is a natural extension of the services we offer on Leybold pumps," says Mario Vitale, Leybold Vacuum USA's Industrial Market Segment Manager. "After much consideration, we concluded that our customers and prospective customers desire one-stop shopping and that the value-added service of competitor pump repair by an OEM vacuum pump manufacturer rather than utilizing small mechanical repair shops was appealing too, so we have expanded our service offerings to help customers maximize the lives of all their vacuum pumps regardless of brand." Customers may leverage Leybold Vacuum's repair services from a regional repair network. Repair centers are located in Boston, MA; Dallas, TX; Grand Rapids, MI; Hartford, CT; Los Angeles, CA; Oakland, CA; Newark, NJ; or San Jose, CA. In addition to its repair services, Leybold is also offering a large selection of remanufactured booster pumps, cryopumps, rotary piston pumps, dry compression pumps, rotary vane pumps, diffusion pumps, turbomolecular pumps, and scroll pumps. A World Leader in Vacuum Technology, Leybold Vacuum USA engineers, produces, and markets vacuum pumps for a wide variety of applications including analytical and research, industrial processing and semiconductor manufacturing. Leybold Vacuum USA is a division of Leybold Vacuum GmbH, which is headquartered in Cologne, Germany. Leybold Vacuum has more than 60 locations throughout the world with major centers in North America, Europe and Asia.

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