Simple installation, economical quality clamp

Product Announcement from Oetiker, Inc.

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The OETIKER 1-Ear Clamp with mechanical interlock is an economical quality clamp developed for low pressure applications. OETIKER has the ear with the "dimple", the simple design difference that not only adds increased strength to the grip of the clamp; it also creates a spring-effect which compensates for changes in diameter due to thermal and mechanical effects.

The OETIKER 1-Ear Clamp with mechanical interlock can be used for a variety of low pressure applications such as automotive systems (not fuel lines), appliances, industrial machinery, underground irrigation systems, beverage dispensing equipment and general industry and fluid distribution systems that incorporate plastic transition fittings and tubes.

The mechanical interlock is a mechanical connection which keeps the clamp securely closed. By using a mechanical interlock instead of spot-welding, corrosion around the closure elements is reduced.

OETIKER also offers Manual, Battery Operated and Pneumatic Installation Tools. OETIKER Clamps and Rings should be installed with the tools developed for them, they ensure correct installation and optimum product performance.

Other Features:

  • Mechanical interlock: for pre-coated material
  • Clamp Ear: fast and simple installation, visible deformation provides evidence of proper closure
  • Dimple: increases clamping force, spring-effect compensates for changes in diameter due to thermal and mechanical effects
  • Specially formed strip edges: reduce risk of damage to the part being clamped


105 Galvanized or zinc-plated steel band

155 Stainless Steel, Material no. 1.4301 / UNS S30400

Size Range: 10.5 - 116.0 mm

Width x Thickness 7.0 x 0.6/0.75 mm

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