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Oil is fed to brushes by gravity through an adjustable precision needle valve with a friction lock, which guards against loosening from vibration. The toggle shutoff is used to start and stop oil flow, but will not affect the metering adjustment. Drop feeding can be observed throug the viewing window in the mounting shank. The flexible bristles of the brush follow the contour of the moving chain and spread oil to all load-carrying points. This results in a reduction of chain wear which prolongs the life of costly chains. Any desired amount of oil will be spread evenly on the chain assuring positive lubrication.

Oil-Rite is a

Designer and Manufacturer of Lubrication Equipment Since 1933

Oil-Rite lubrication equipment is instrumental in maintaining machinery and monitoring fluid flow across a wide expanse of industries. Oil-Rite equipment applications include:

  • apply lubricant to chains and conveyors in high-speed canning facilities
  • automatically replace oil in large bearings in nuclear facilities
  • dispense grease during assembly processes
  • lubricate car crushing machines in recycling operations
  • monitor hydraulic fluid levels in off-road equipment
  • and circulate oil to turbine bearings in wastewater plants

Oil-Rite product is developed by an in-house design team and manufactured in the United States for use in North America and throughout the world.


    PurgeX has the ability to deliver very small amounts of lubricant with each cycle and can be rapidly cycled for greater volumes; it is excellent for high speed applications.  Precise volumetric delivery is achieved with the positive displacement design.  There is no “after drip,” which makes PurgeX a very effective lubrication solution where product contamination is a concern.
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    Gages allow visual observation of liquid level and clarity. They are often used on tanks, reservoirs, hydraulic equipment, presses, large motor bearings, and pillow blocks.  Their use can be extended to any application where it is necessary to guard against low liquid level.
    Constant Level Lubricators automatically maintain a fixed liquid level in a bearing housing or gear box using the liquid seal principle.  Constant level lubricators can be used on sleeve bearings, anti-friction bearings, gear boxes, pump housings, ventilating fans and blowers, moistening pads, and any other application demanding the maintenance of a constant liquid level.  They are available with large sights for viewing liquid level and condition.
    Gravity Lubricators are frequently used for chain lubrication. This reduces friction, minimizes wear, stretch, and corrusion, and can even reduce power consumption.  Gravity oilers typically consist of a brush, reservoir, and adjustable precision needle valve to control the flow rate.  They are toggle or solenoid operated.
    Window Sights allow visual observation of liquid levels and their condition.  They can be used to display fluid motion or mechanical movements, as well as to view and perform tests in a safe enclosure. Specific uses include fluid sighting on hydraulic tanks, pressure vessels, reservoirs, packaged power equipment, hydraulic lines and dipping. Their use can be applied to any application where oil or fluid inspection is essential.
    Vent Plugs can be used to relieve pressure or vacuum on bearing housings, gear boxes, reservoirs, or any application where venting is necessary.  These vent plugs assure pressure equalization and minimize undesirable problems, such as bearing seal blowout due to excessive pressure.  Vent plugs allow air to freely communicate through a 40 micron filter.
    Oil Flow Control Valves include Sight Feed Valves, Solenoid Valves, and Precision Relief Valves.  Sight Feed Valves allow visual observation of the liquid stream, with the volume of flow controlled by an adjustable needle valve. These units are principally used on gravity or pressure lubricating systems.  Their use can be extended to any application requiring adjustable, visible flow control. Solenoid Valves are for use with electrically operated mechanisms, and precision relief valves are used as a safety device on reservoirs where a certain maximum pressure should not be exceeded.
    Oil Flow Sights are used primarily in oil lines to allow visual observation of the flow and clarity of oil.
    Liquid level switches are designed to shut down machinery or turn on warning devices when the liquid supply fails or recedes to a predetermined level.
    Air Operated Spray Dispensers feed liquid to elevated, distant, or inaccessible points. The amount of liquid sprayed is infinitely adjustable from a fine spray, invisible to the eye, to a coarse spray by adjusting the air pressure of the needle valve on the spray nozzle
    Oil/Industrial Fluid Reservoirs include a variety of Dispensers and Central Reservoirs. 
    Circulating Oil Systems are a versatile type of lubrication system suitable for extremely dirty and corrosive atmospheres. They are often used on large expensive bearings, or when it is absolutely essential to provide continuous operation under adverse conditions. A typical pump dispenser provides a continuous flow of liquid to the bearings.  The system can be used for heavily loaded bearings operating at high speeds and temperatures.
    Recent innovations in lubrication equipment.

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    Oil-Rite catalog pages are available in PDF format as an additional product information resource.

About Oil-Rite Corporation

Oil Rite History and Philosophy

Oil-Rite Corporation is known throughout the world for its high standard of manufacturing and innovative design in lubrication equipment. Founded in 1933 by Frank J. Lyden, the original product line consisted of constant level oilers used in conjunction with large bearings and gear boxes. The range of product expanded rapidly in the following decades to include not only lubricators, but liquid level and flow monitoring equipment. Oil-Rite manufactures 90 percent of components using its in-house work centers. Engineering and R&D are singularly dedicated to this industry, improvement in product and processes, and the next innovation in lubrication equipment.

Donald G. Gruett became owner and president of Oil-Rite in 1984. He held various positions with the company since 1962 and was pivotal in developing PurgeX in 1988. Donald Gruett assumed the position of Chairman of the Board in 1994 and appointed Carolyn M. Boldt to President, who has held various positions with the company since 1973. Oil-Rite has a 75,000 square foot facility and operates two shifts with 60 employees. Operations have been located in Manitowoc Wisconsin since 1951, when the company outgrew its original Milwaukee location.

Oil Rite serves the following industries:

  • Industrial and Commercial Machinery - Conveyors, Assembly Equipment, Ovens, Etc.
  • Energy - Electric, Gas, and Nuclear Facilities and Transport Stations
  • Food and Beverage Preparation and Packaging
  • Off-Road Equipment - Construction, Agriculture, and Forestry
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Material Handling, Automation, and Robotics
  • Mining, Steel Mills, Material Processing, and Recycling Operations


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