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Liquefied petroleum gas pipeline color monitoring

Product Announcement from optek-Danulat, Inc.

Liquefied petroleum gas pipeline color monitoring-Image

Monitoring the color quality of liquid petroleum gas benefits the refiner by ensuring their fractionation column is running efficiently and that they are selling "in spec" LPG. Other fractionation and terminalling facilities benefit by knowing their received product is within their requested specification. This also saves the facility extra costs needed for further fractionation of the contaminated LPG.

Optek offers a full range of explosion proof and high temperature / pressure sensors to monitor LPG quality inline. Installed using a slip stream off the main pipeline, optek sensors connect into the pipeline using one of our 600 class ASTM raised flange stainless steel flow cells providing real-time color measurements in either Saybolt or ASTM scales.

Liquefied petroleum gas pipeline color monitoring Benefits

  • Ensure LPG quality
  • Reduce pipeline transportation time by ensuring only "in-spec" product
  • Protect downstream equipment from damage
  • No need for dilution samples
  • Eliminate the need to condition a sample

For more information view our Liquefied petroleum gas pipeline color monitoring application note.