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High Voltage-Heavy Wattage, Duty Capacitor -Image

The M73 is a high-voltage, heavy wattage, continuous duty capacitor. Insulation between the rotor and stator is achieved through ¼" thick mil spec ceramics riveted to the end plates. The rotor rides on ball bearings housed between the front end plate and the stainless steel shaft, and the blades are .032" thick aluminum.

Several options are available, including nine standard air gaps. The shaft's length can vary, and it can be insulated, slotted, or flatted; mounting holes can be tapped 6-32. There are several double-stator configurations available: In some, the two sections are adjacent to one another, and their capacitances increase together, enabling the user to eliminate the sliding electrical contact from the current path. In others, the two banks of stator blades lie opposite each other, and the capacitance in one section increases as the capacitance in the other decreases.

The M73 configuration can be fitted with three types of high-amperage wiping contacts: The strap contact, the high-current (silver brush) contact, and the high-current (beryllium copper) contact. In some cases, capacitors can be fitted with two high-amperage contacts, one at each end, doubling the amperage rating of the capacitor. The choice of wiping contact depends upon the anticipated current load and desired life cycle.

Our capacitors can be fitted with planetary reduction drives if such a high ratio is required (to make very small changes in capacitance possible, or to make a drop-in replacement for a vacuum variable).

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