Product Announcement from Oren Elliott Products, Inc.

N50 Capacitors for Low-Voltage Applications -Image

The N50 is a compact, rugged, economical unit used in a myriad of low-voltage applications. The N50's almost cubical shape makes efficient use of space, enabling it to deliver a remarkable amount of capacitance for its volume.

Options on the N50 include shaft length, mounting studs, tapped mounting holes, a mica trimmer (for precise adjustment of the delta C of the capacitor), and a remarkable integral planetary reduction drive with an 8:1 ratio that doesn't change the envelope of the capacitor.

OEP's ability to manufacture subcomponents in-house (particularly via flexible processes like CNC machining) enables us to produce highly customized assemblies with short lead times at low cost. We've produced several capacitors that don't fit into any of our standard configurations, some built to a customer's specs, some developed jointly with customers, and others engineered by OEP to perform electrically and mechanically to a customer's requirements.

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