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The OEP type OI Oldham coupling differs from the classic Oldham type OC coupling in that the fins on the OI are longer, actually overlapping as seen from the side. As a result, the OI lacks the OC's mechanical fuse feature. Failure of the OI from excessive torque destroys not just the midsection but typically the hubs, and the load is rarely fully disengaged from the driving side of the system.

Therefore, type OI is more suited to applications where the designer wants the two shafts to remain coupled at all costs, while retaining all of the other advantages of an Oldham coupling, including low reactive forces under large radial misalignment and homokinetic transmission. The advantages of type OI over conventional Oldham couplings includes higher static break torque, higher stiffness, and larger axial shaft play accommodation.

The OI coupling consists of machined components that are fabricated to extremely tight tolerances on state-of-the-art CNC equipment, and have been designed to outperform other manufacturers' Oldham couplings in the critical metrics as mentioned in the above paragraph. This superiority has been confirmed in side-by-side testing. Each coupling is well-balanced, reducing vibration at high rpm. High-tech coatings and materials are used to reduce coefficient of friction and wear.

Material options for the hubs include low-friction-coated aluminum, stainless steel, and brass. Material options for the midsection include Delrin© (for low-friction, long-wear, general use); PEEK (for high-temperature applications); and low-friction-coated Urethane (for torsional dampening characteristics similar to those of a jaw coupling, but with the large radial misalignment accommodation of an Oldham coupling). Shaft attachment options include set screw and clamping mechanism; bore options include plain through-bore, plain blind bore, and through-bore with keyway, in bores from 2mm (0.079 inches) up to 30mm (1.181 inches).

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