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The OEP type UA Oldham/Universal coupling differs from the UC and UI in that it's midsection is machined from metal bar, the same alloy as the hubs. As a result, the UA is a very strong, stiff, robust coupling , and can easily be configured for larger or non-standard sizes.

A Delrin© (or higher temperature plastic) replaceable wear bushing between the cylindrical fins on the hub and the cylindrical slots in the midsection provide smooth, low-friction, low-reactive-force flexion with zero backlash. These wear bushings include very small holes that serve as a grease reservoir.

Because these bushings are mounted within a machines metal midsection, this coupling can transmit tremendous amounts of torque compared to other flexible couplings. Torsional stiffness of the UA is also much higher than that of other flexible couplings with this degree of flexibility.

OEP Couplings type UA coupling is the ultimate flexible shaft coupling, offering all the advantages of other types (other than the mechanical fuse feature) to a greater degree. No other flexible coupling with a torque rating as high as the UA offers reactive forces as low as the UA; no other flexible coupling with reactive forces as low as the UA offers a torque rating this high.

No other flexible coupling with this degree of flexibility (up to 0.050 inches of radial misalignment and up to 6 degrees of angular misalignment) is as stiff or as strong as the UA; and no other coupling approaching the UA's strength and stiffness offers anything close to this degree of flexibility.

Material options for the hubs and midsection include low-friction coated aluminum, stainless steel, and brass. Wear bushing material options include Delrin© (for low-friction, long wear, general use); PEEK (for high temperature applications): and low-friction coated Urethane (for torsional dampening characteristics similar to those of a jaw coupling, but with very large radial and angular misalignment accommodation). Shaft attachment options include set screw and clamping mechanism; bore options include plain through-bore, plain blind-bore, and through bore with keyway, in bores from 6mm up to 50mm, in all standard metric and inch bores.

Standard sized UA couplings can be purchased through Amazon's Industrial and Scientific division.

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