Product Announcement from Oren Elliott Products, Inc.

OEP's Jaw or Spider Couplings-Image

Jaw Coupling Advantages

  • High torque capabilities
  • Different material choices for the spider allow the user to choose torsional stiffness
  • Somewhat "failsafe", in the sense that the driving hub will continue to turn the driven hub after failure of the spider
  • Easy installation in blind or difficult installations - all jaw couplings have through bores
  • Dampens variations or spikes in torque, usually caused by the driving element, protecting the support bearings and the driven component, and reducing vibration
  • Wear element can be reversed before being replaced, doubling life
  • Rugged, can function well in harsh environments
  • Replaceable, inexpensive wear element

Advantages of OEP's Jaw Couplings

  • Miniature sizes available
  • Spiders available in various materials and hardnesses; hubs available in various materials
  • All hubs very precisely machined from bar: No cheap castings or powdered metal parts, resulting in better overall and more consistent performance
  • Unique geometry of spider, and low coefficient of friction between spider and hubs, minimizes reactive forces, and reduces heating of spider during operation


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