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Advanced Performance and MCP Detectors

Product Announcement from PHOTONIS Technologies SAS

Advanced Performance and MCP Detectors -Image

Advanced Performance Detectors:

PHOTONIS' Advanced Performance Detectors provide significant increases in performance over alternative detectors - among them are greater sensitivity, higher gain, and longer life. The Detection Quantum Efficiency of PHOTONIS detectors provide maximum sensitivity to enable detection of very low levels of photons, electrons, or ions. The sensitivity of PHOTONIS detectors enables an analytical instrument to identify elements and determine the composition and structure of complex molecules to the sub-parts-per-trillion level. Our new mass spec (MS) detectors offer previously unobtainable levels of sensitivity, dynamic range and stability.

Click below to view and order a wide range of PHOTONIS Advanced Performance Detectors (APDs) that satisfy applications ranging from mass spectrometry to UV and X-ray astronomy. Most of these detector assemblies are designed for use in ultra-high vacuum systems and the 300°C temperatures reached during chamber cleaning, therefore saving time that would otherwise be required to remove the detector. Readout schemes - including photodiode array, phosphor screen, CCD camera, or direct electrical signal - are available.

Select the right Advanced Performance Detector for your Application.

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