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Channeltrons - Channel Electron Multipliers

Product Announcement from PHOTONIS Technologies SAS

Channeltrons - Channel Electron Multipliers-Image

Channeltron® Electron Multipliers have set the standard for mass spectrometry detection. Our extensive product line proves that PHOTONIS has an extensive understanding and mastery of the different technologies involved with electron multipliers.

Channeltron® Electron Multipliers are durable and efficient detectors of positive and negative ions as well as electrons and photons. PHOTONIS offers over 150 standard and custom designs. PHOTONIS's exclusive detector design provides sustained output longer than other detectors, making Channeltron® Mass Spectrometer Detectors the most cost effective detectors available.

Channeltron® electron multipliers can be ordered with a number of custom configurations, including cones, grids, coatings, collectors and leads, to ensure that you receive the highest level of detection efficiency possible.

With our depth of expertise, PHOTONIS can provide complete plug-in assemblies which facilitate the installation of electron multipliers into equipment, while matching mechanical and electrical interfaces. We also provide custom and prototype manufacturing of both open and single channel electron multipliers to assist mass spectrometer manufacturers with their own continual advancement and development of technology.

PHOTONIS Channeltrons® are designed and manufactured to the highest standards in the world. They are warranted against all defects in materials and workmanship for one year after installation. In addition, if you install your Channeltron® electron multiplier and are not completely satisfied with its performance, return it promptly for replacement or refund.

Spiraltron and MegaSpiraltron

The Spiratron™ High Pressure Channel Electron Multipliers are specifically designed for high pressure applications, such as portable mass spectrometers. It features a six channel structure which has been spiraled to optimally reduce ion feedback. The number of spirals per inch can be changed, resulting in a longer or shorter travel path. Spiraltron™ Electron Multipliers can operate effectively at pressures well into the 10-3 Torr range.

The MegaSpiraltron™ uses the same technology as a Spiraltron™, but in a small housing which achieves high gain and low noise. These small and compact detectors can be manufactured with customized options to enhance detection capability. The MegaSpiraltron™ operates effectively at pressures as high as 10-2 Torr.

MAGNUM® Electron Multipliers

MAGNUM Electron Multipliers® offer exceptional performance for optimum mass resolution, dynamic range, and detection sensitivity in Mass Spectrometry measurements. This performance boost is a result of PHOTONIS Spiraltron™ technology using six individual spiral multiplier channels, fed by a single integral ion collection aperture. The high degree of channel curvature ensures that ion feedback noise is virtually eliminated. MAGNUM detectors can also be used in TOF applications due to their fast timing.

Channeltron and MAGNUM are registered trademarks of PHOTONIS USA.


Power Supplies:

The PHOTONIS line bench-top high-voltage power supplies provide reliable power for scientific detectors and other general purpose laboratory applications and can be custom designed to meet your specifications.

Our complete line of power supplies can provide power to our microchannel plates, Channeltron® channel electron multipliers, and other laboratory applications. Each power supply supports a different, specific range of products and voltages.