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MCP-PMT Planacon Photon Detectors

Product Announcement from PHOTONIS Technologies SAS

MCP-PMT Planacon Photon Detectors-Image

The PHOTONIS PLANACON photon detector provides a unique square shape which allows multiple detectors to be tiled, providing an enlarged area with minimal dead regions for superior large area imaging. Its specialized design makes it immune to the interference of magnetic fields, making the PLANACON the photon detector of choice for Cherenkov detection, high energy physics, and specialized medical detection.

The PLANACON provides a real multianode capability through a high photocathode quantum efficiency transfer technique, while maintaining a compact design and high gain. Three versions are available, the first with a 10 µm pore MCP in an 8x8 anode array, or with a 25 µm MCP with either an 8x8 anode or a 32x32 anode.

Round MCP-PMTs combine an 18mm MCP with a photocathode and a single anode for fast timing with jitter ~130pS FWHM. It can be used for single photon detection, fluorescence, nuclear physics, and other high-energy applications. It is available in two versions - one with a single MCP and another with two MCPs configured in a chevron for enhanced sensitivity. It comes with a built-in bleeder chain and can be equipped with eitehr an S20 or S25 photocathode.

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